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textile manufacturers


We are committed to the constant furthering of our technical knowledge in textile manufacturing whilst seeking pioneering innovative advances in production methods and processes to deliver the highest quality that reduces our environmental impact. 

Never negating our history but working to fuse it with our present and future stories.

Our textiles are sourced from design houses, mills and artisan producers. Our philosophy; to create collections that marry the finest blend of tradition with innovations in new technologies that reflect considerations for environment and peoples within sustainable practices. Carefully curated, the collection highlights a diverse range of bold colours, unique patterns, handprints, embroidered silks and natural yarns for decoratively styled interiors.  

Interior Productions understands the importance of textiles as weaving traditions and points of change in time and history that can and do make monumental shifts or better returns for humanity. Perhaps beautiful and sometimes perhaps not such, but the point is to knot the intersections within the found unions. On a higher arc, the point is the search and discovery through enquiry along the way. We work with collaborators to divine new concepts within a blending of tradition and innovative technologies through the medium of textile production.  This is a process that is born of passion and the desire to find beauty and truth that lasts epochs, beyond mere moments of consumption. Something digital processes designed simply for commercial gain might emulate, but history may prove, failed to do. 

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