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Maree Wilding offers Interior Design services by consultation. Her particular knowledge and skillset makes her aptly informed to assist clients with historic buildings yet her love for all things contemporary allows her to adapt and to cater for both. She selects wallpaper, curtains, soft furnishings, furniture and lighting sympathetically to the style of period homes or contemporary buildings. Her unique background and experience has fostered her particular interest in archival wallpapers, collectible antique and moderne designer statement pieces. Her knowledge and ethos gives her an unique ability to identify designs and pieces of exceptional quality, beauty and rarity.

Her style draws on early influences  

gained in involvement with her families interiors business that reproduces archival wallpapers and carries out restoration schemes for historic buildings.    

This appreciation for the classic is evident in her aesthetic however, with her interest in contemporary architecture and furniture design, her work displays layers of juxtaposition. In harmonious unison her style in one reflects a refinement and sophistication influnced by her strong understanding and appreciation for the classic yet incorporates elements that reflect current movements in contemporary design. Her interiors allude to the classic yet ultimately blend seamlessly into the contemporary era and produce an overall feel that flows in continuity from room to room.  

Design, Supply and Installation Services provided for wallpaper, curtains and soft furnishings.

Residential & Commercial Interiors.

By appointment to industry professionals and private individuals.


We design and make wallpapers for architects, designers and individuals involved in residential and commercial  projects. 


Producing contemporary since 2006.

Locally designed and crafted.

In our Melbourne studio we are hands on.

Bring us your design and we'll make it.

Collaborate to create a new design.

Or choose from our collections.

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Est 1986 by Barbara Wilding and Phyllis Murphy with the involvement of The National Trust.

Historic Archival Wallpapers. British, European and Continental wallpaper designs from 1830-1950.

Faithfully recreated with authenticity using traditional handprinting techniques. Designed inhouse. Handmade in Melbourne.  


Since 2009.  Bring us your design. We'll do the rest.

Superior Image Quality

Premium non-woven sustainable base

Heavy Duty Archival rated to 100+ years.

Water based inks

You can feel good your purchase minimises its environmental impact.



Our textiles are sourced from design houses, mills and artisan producers throughout the world.  Our philosophy; to create extraordinary collections that marry the finest blend of tradition with cutting edge innovation. Carefully curated, the collection highlights a diverse range of bold colours, unique patterns, handprints, embroidered silks and natural yarns for decoratively styled interiors.  






The Interior Productions studio is the creative space where the design happens. Clients are welcome to consult, see our products, learn more about our services and how we can assist with design and supply of wallpaper, textiles or furnishings for your project. 

                                      Visit our showroom at 164 Burwood Rd Hawthorn 3122                                                                        Our Showroom is currently being renovated. We reopen Thursday 5th April.


                                       In the meantime Consultation by appointment is available

                                       M  + 61 431 564 814   E

                                                     Call or email to book an appointment.




In our print studio we design and make handprinted wallpapers for commercial and residential projects. 


Call or drop us an email to learn how we can make your design or collaborate to create a new design for your next interior design project.