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Our focus is driven by the desire to create unique, inspiring, artistic interiors with a truth of feeling and practice. Aesthetic spaces that flow in continuity from room to room and bring harmony in connection to nature and each other. 


We collaborate with other seekers on the same search to design new and better ways to connect with an essence that is both harmonious and in unity with a care and concern for people, place and environment. 

Our search has taken us broad and wide and home again. On a journey of discovery to find, learn from and with, free thinkers, elders of wisdom, philosophers, people of the cloth, academics, artists, mark makers, feelers, diviners, designers, philanthropists, scientists, magnates of commerce and communications, farmers, builders, aspirational students to you and I on the streets together at the grassroots, to bespoke artisan producers and global manufacturers.

Working with intermingling historical, present and future contexts to form harmonious equilibrium, we handpick our projects inline with our philosophy - to create extraordinary solutions that represent a marriage of the finest blend of artistic voice, tradition and cutting edge innovation for purpose. A purpose to make positive change that delivers truly alongside manufacturing processes and commercial models designed inline with the same intent.  

The result is an ever evolving perspective whereby we grow and create extraordinary work founded by thinking in flexible and creative terms. The aim of which can lead to the formation of new principles of best practice, within our philosophy of design for better futures.

Through our institutions that aspire to change and what we choose together to create and build them from, change may and can come, on a global scale. And from a position of care and where the heart is, the start of a new journey begins. To redefine new thinking strategies together for what we might design for all in the next leap for the future. The history of textiles for houses and bodies; and construction of buildings for families, communities, government and civic institutions has a long and important history. The study of which, for us, is a journey that never ceases from enquiry into change for betterment.


From agricultural practices that look after the land and waterways that produce the raw materials, to synthetic production processes that minimise harm and encompass care for workers, to questions of how we reduce our energy impacts along the way. Our vision is always pure to see where we can go next, with others who care to seek a similar vision.

Handloomed fabrics by hands to forward thinking textiles designed by AI and run by software for mechanical and robotic manufacturing, the potential speaks to a limitless creative capability.

The importance is aspiring our future work for the best possible outcomes. To aim to make a true and actual difference in our fraction of a worldly time for the continuation of humanity whilst minimising harm along the way. To tap into and expand networks for change across the globe, with suppliers and manufacturers that truly care and matter into significant modelling for change; for the prosperity of future generations.

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